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IT Services Managed by Krisztián Gácsi

Design, Development, Hosting, Maintenance



What We Do

Network Design

The websites are designed, styled, themed as individual needs.

Cloud Services

Managed VPS solutions.

Cyber Security

Regular website security updates.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

All the IT Technology needs you ever wanted.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We provide full solutions for website hosting. Customer satisfaction is utmost importance to us. So the customers can manage their own business while we process all the necessary steps to provide a fully functional website. Regular security updates and data backups provided.



Five Spheres. One Mission.

We serve websites for individuals and small businesses. We always keep on eye on our systems. Run regular updates, and keep data safe at backup servers. We provide personalized support for our clients. Satisfaction of our customers are very important to us.







What People Are Saying

Thanks to cPanel I can manage my websites reliably, efficiently. Whenever I face problems, the webmaster helps me out all the time.

Balázs Kiss


The webmaster is very skillful. The structures of the websites are well organized. The communication with the customers are very friendly.

Zoltán Gácsi


Krisztián’s infectious enthusiasm and dedication is unique among my workmates, he is always a joy to work with.

Eszter Babarczy

Associate Professor

I’ve worked with Krisztián Gácsi on several occasions and been very impressed every time. He provides an efficient and friendly service and got my problems solved quickly. Would definitely recommend him to others.

Nikolett Burka

Teacher, Pebble Artist

I am very satisfied with the provided IT solutions. My websites all always up to date. Any kind of my IT problems are solved in an hour at any time. My websites are monitored continuously.

Gabriela Agod

Animal Rescuer

Excellent quality hosting, I host all my websites here. Perfect reliability, superfast pageloading times.

Róbert Papp

College Student, Blogger

Krisztián ranks among the best. He works dedicated, rapturously. I am very satisfied with his work. Whenever I ask any IT work, he helps immediately. I recommend him to anybody for IT related work.

Marianna Pintér


I am very satisfied with the work of Krisztián. I have a firm made a website for my business, but after more than a year the Google didn’t listed the website, not even on the tenth page. After this, Krisztián made Search Engine Optimization on the website. After a short while Google ranked my business on the very first page.

Tamás Nemesnyik

Automotive Electrical Engineer

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